EMNLP-CoNLL 2012: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning
July 12–14, 2012 — Jeju, Korea.


Conference program for EMNLP 2012

Program overview

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Full conference program

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Session 1-AM-0P: Opening

Session 1-AM-1P: Plenary session: Invited Talk

Chair: James Henderson

Session 1-AM-2A: Machine Translation: Bilingual Lexicons and Alignment

Chair: David Chiang

Session 1-AM-2B: Social Media: Author Style and Attribution

Chair: Janyce Wiebe

Session 1-AM-2C: Dialogue and Interactive Systems

Chair: Michael White

Session 1-AM-2D: Information Extraction: Entity Disambiguation

Chair: Raymond Mooney

Session 1-PM-1A: Sentiment Analysis

Chair: Bing Liu

Session 1-PM-1B: Semantics: Nouns, Verbs and Predicates

Chair: Rada Mihalcea

Session 1-PM-1C: Machine Learning: Latent Models

Chair: Alexandre Klementiev

Session 1-PM-1D: Summarization

Chair: Dragomir Radev

Session 1-PM-2A: Machine Translation

Chair: Xiong Deyi

Session 1-PM-2B: Dependency Parsing

Chair: Emily Pitler

Session 1-PM-2C: Phonemes, Words and Speech

Chair: Pascale Fung

Session 1-PM-2D: Question Answering

Chair: Alessandro Moschitti

Session 1-PM-3P: Poster Session and Reception (18:00-22:00)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Session 2-AM-1P: Plenary Session: Invited Talk

Chair: Marius Pasca

Session 2-AM-2A: Machine Translation: Role of Syntax

Chair: Qun Liu

Session 2-AM-2B: Information Extraction: Temporally-Aware Extraction

Chair: Jong-Hoon Oh

Session 2-AM-2C: Discourse and Generation

Chair: Anette Frank

Session 2-AM-2D: CoNLL Shared Task

Chair: Sameer Pradhan

Session 2-PM-1A: Semantics: Words and Topics

Chair: Roi Reichart

Session 2-PM-1B: Machine Translation: Pruning

Chair: Kevin Knight

Session 2-PM-1C: Evaluation

Chair: Billy Tak-Ming Wong

Session 2-PM-1D: CoNLL Shared Task

Chair: Alessandro Moschitti

Session 2-PM-2A: Information Extraction: Relation and Event Extraction

Chair: Mausam

Session 2-PM-2B: Parsing Models and Evaluation

Chair: Ivan Titov

Session 2-PM-2C: Large-Scale NLP Algorithms

Chair: Benjamin van Durme

Session 2-PM-2D: Machine Learning: Inference

Chair: Jennifer Gillenwater

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Session 3-AM-1P: Plenary Session: Best Papers

Chair: Jun’ichi Tsujii

Session 3-AM-2A: Machine Translation: Decoding

Chair: Preslav Nakov

Session 3-AM-2B: Distributional and Compositional Semantics

Chair: Bo Pang

Session 3-AM-2C: Discourse: Coreference Resolution

Chair: Mihai Surdeanu

Session 3-AM-2D: Information Retrieval

Chair: Jianfeng Gao

Session 3-PM-1A: Machine Learning: Transfer and Biases

Chair: Benjamin Snyder

Session 3-PM-1B: Opinion Mining: Discovering Opinion Expressions

Chair: Yejin Choi

Session 3-PM-1C: Part of Speech Tagging

Chair: Slav Petrov

Session 3-PM-1D: Word Sense Disambiguation

Chair: Marc Dymetman

Session 3-PM-2A: Syntax and Parsing: Joint Parsing Models

Chair: Jason Eisner

Session 3-PM-2B: Social Media

Chair: Alan Ritter

Session 3-PM-2C: NLP Applications

Chair: Chikara Hashimoto

Session 3-PM-3P: Closing